Codes and Standards

Sealing Around a Chimney

What's the best way to air seal around a chimney? Canned foams may seem like a good option—especially if they're labeled as "fire block"—but those aren't truly noncombustible. Here's the best way to do the sealing. Read more

Clearances for Outdoor Cookers

A built in grill or cooker is a must-have for just about any outdoor kitchen. If you are installing one on a truly outdoor kitchen (with no roof or coverage) you probably have very little to worry about, but put that cooker under a roof overhang and suddenly you may enter the world of codes, says one expert. Read more

Flashing Deck Ledgers

Building codes expert Glenn Mathewson sets the record straight on what the code requires for deck flashing and how—and when—it needs to be used. Read more

Do You Really Need a Concrete Basement Floor?

Is concrete really an essential for building a basement floor? Not necessarily, according to experts--so long as you use the proper insulation and vapor barrier setup. Here's how to make a basement floor without concrete. Read more

Obtaining Universal Design CertificationObtaining Universal Design Certification

Education and credibility are equally important for remodelers who want to be at... Read more

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