Social Selling Isn't Just Ads

"Social selling" is becoming a popular term with advertisers. What is it? It's more than just being on a social media platforms in the form of ads or pages. It's about using those platforms to listen and engage with customers. Here's how. Read more

Doing the Math on Qualified Leads

Do you know if you and your company are pursuing the right leads? Do you know how to identify a "quality lead"? This video from REMODELING's sister publication, THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION, features instructions on how to do just that. Read more

Do the Math - Qualified LeadsDo the Math - Qualified Leads

A low close ratio could signal a sales problem. But it might also mean that you... Read more

4 Things You Must Know Before You Negotiate

Too many salespeople find themselves dreading having to negotiate. The reason: They don’t feel they’re any good at it. Follow these tips for polishing your negotiating skills. Read more

Will You Price Yourself Out of the Market?Will You Price Yourself Out of the Market?

Many contractors struggle with when and how much to raise prices Read more

What is Your Goal With Each Person You Meet?

Nothing will refine your motivation more than to really think about your goal with each person you meet. Is it to sell or is it to gain their respect? In this video, sales consultant Mark Hunter shares how gaining a person's respect will make it easier to sell. Read more

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You Want It Done When?! Here’s How to Respond

Create a timeline that shows a prospect the implications Read more

Bad Roof Installations Offer Benefits—for Other Contractors

When roofing contractors screw up, two things happen: the industry gets a bad name and competent contractors get more work. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR blogger Mike Damora knows—he sees it all the time. Read more

Is Social Media Killing Your Sales Success?

You shouldn't ignore social media, but you also shouldn't let it be your default way of connecting with customers. Instead, focus on spending your selling time truly connecting with customers face-to-face rather than on Facebook. Save social media for those non-selling hours when you have free time. Read more

The Advantages Of Design/Build

Selling design/build projects isn't easy. REMODELING contributor Shawn McCadden shares the benefits of design/build and how you can go about selling it to prospective clients. Read more

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