Can Yelp Manipulate Reviews? This Court Says Yes.

Federal appeals court calls social media site's tactics "hard bargaining" Read more

Want to Perfect Your Pitch? Treat Every Sales Meeting Like an Audition

The best way to boost your sales is to tailor your approach to your audience Read more

Monday Motivation Video: Score More Sales While Your Competitors Vacation

Advice from Sales Hunter highlights why laid-back summer schedules are an opportunity to score big. Read more

When Is Someone a 'Client?' Later than You Might Think

Wait until the ink dries on the contract before you use that term Read more

The 5 Most Common Negotiating Mistakes

Yes, negotiating takes practice. It's not something people are just born with. Here are five common mistakes that people make during negotiations that you can avoid by practicing. Read more

Keep Time and Emotion From Killing a Negotiation

Negotiations take time and energy, but they don't have to be painful. Here are five ways to keep negotiations on track and prevent them from killing more time and extracting more emotion than they already do. Read more

Yellow Pad Estimating: The Good and the Bad

Many contractors start out learning how to estimate by using a yellow pad and writing out their estimates, REMODELING consultant Shawn McCadden notes. Sure, it allows for estimates to be created on the fly, but it allows little room for editing and changes or variations. Thanks to technology, however, old-school "yellow pad estimating" may soon be obsolete. Read more

Social Selling Isn't Just Ads

"Social selling" is becoming a popular term with advertisers. What is it? It's more than just being on a social media platforms in the form of ads or pages. It's about using those platforms to listen and engage with customers. Here's how. Read more

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