In construction, a shorter timeline often means a happier client. But as builders and remodelers struggle with labor shortages, more time is being spent training crew members on certain tasks, which lengthens the production cycle.

According to the National Association of Home Builders’ third-quarter 2014 Remodeling Market Index, 72% of remodelers reported shortages of finish carpenters, and 68% say that rough carpenters are harder to come by. Almost two-thirds of remodelers (63%) are looking for framing crews.

To alleviate the strain—and help shave days or weeks off the construction timeline—we’ve rounded up a few products that promise to save time and speed up production. In some cases, the product technology also improves ease of installation, helping remodelers who are operating with less skilled labor than in the past.

1. Shingle Solution

Designed with contractors in mind, Atlas Roofing’s HP Technology high-performance shingles are oversized, saving as many as 240 shingles on a 40-square job, which helps to reduce installation time. Fewer shingles also means thousands fewer nails are needed per roof.

2. Home Stretch

Huber’s Zip System Stretch Tape is easier to install around rough openings than traditional flashing tape. Instead of snipping and patching, the tape does the job by stretching in all directions. One 75-foot roll can flash more than 20 windows.

3. Edging Up

Camo Edge Pro is National Nail’s latest addition to the Hidden Deck Fastening System. The system does not require hidden clips, and thescrewsinstallwithacollated tool from a standing position, saving the installer’s back. Camo Edge Pro screws work with wood, composite, or PVC deck boards.

4. Wobble No More

The Tile Buddy toilet flange support system slips over the toilet waste pipe to level and support the flange bolts. For renovations, the 1/4-inch-thick polypropylene shim has a pre-scored line so that installers can snap Tile Buddy in half and slide each half under existing flanges. Stack multiple Tile Buddys to equal the depth of surrounding flooring. The square design also means no awkward cuts in surrounding backerboard or tile.

5. A Little Boost

Adjusting appliance cutouts onsite means extra installation time. Whirlpool’s FIT Flex Install System helps solve the problem by using small feet to situate wall ovens in the cabinet. A trim package frames the unit and hides the feet. Range hoods and slide-in ranges are also part of the FIT System. Whirlpool will help offset the cost of modifying cutouts if products in the FIT line don’t work with existing cutouts.

6. End Dust

Give drywall crews a little break in the clean-up department with Dust Away Drywall Compound and Renovation Mud. During sanding, the particles are designed to clump together and fall to the floor, reducing airborne dust and making clean-up easier.