Republic Windows and Doors, a manufacturer of custom vinyl windows and doors, now requires all regular installers of their windows to take the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) InstallationMasters course, a nationwide training and certification program for installers of windows and glass doors.

"A lot of people think a vinyl window is a vinyl window, but they all have their own nuances," says Amy Zimmerman, marketing director for Republic. "It's a way for [manufacturers] to be sure that their installers are trained and that they're protected, as well."

Republic is a sponsor of the InstallationMasters program and offers the course through its in-house training program, Republic University. The company recently received the AAMA InstallationMasters Distinguished Sponsor Award.

"The more you know about what you're doing specifically in terms of the individual products and how they fit into the big picture," Zimmerman says, "the more you can become an expert at that particular installation and the more you can benefit the homeowner."

Remodelers wanting to become Republic installers must sign an agreement pledging to put a certain percentage of their installation staff through the two-day program. Those who already install Republic's products are asked to have their installers trained and certified as soon as possible. The company will send trainers to the remodeler's site if workers can't be sent to Republic University.