Patio Enclosures. The manufacturer's entire line of sunrooms is now available with SunClean self-cleaning glass. A coating fused to the glass uses UV rays to create a sheeting action that loosens and breaks down dirt on the window's exterior. Rain or a light water spray rinses dirt away, says the maker. The glass is available in both standard and low-E versions. (800) 480-1966.

Oak Leaf Conservatories. Custom-designed conservatories are made of a variety of hardwoods with mortise-and-tenon constructed frames and doors. True divided-light, double-glazed windows are made with tempered safety glass. Glazing options include tinting, laminating, low-E, and argon-filled. Roofs are made of extruded aluminum and glass. Listed glazing bars are also available. (800) 360-6283.

Mon-Ray. Glasswalls porch enclosures feature a three-light design with all-wood frames treated to protect against rot. Available in six standard sizes and heights up to 81 inches, Glasswalls panels have full-length fiberglass screens and interchangeable storm panels. Slim mullions increase the viewing and ventilation area, says the maker. The glass panels come out for cleaning. (800) 544-3646.

Vixen Hill. The Modular Cedar Porch System uses modular wall panels and pre-engineered posts to enclose patios or decks for three-season use. Various architectural trim insert options, as well as removable insect screens and tempered storm glass inserts, are available. (800) 423-2766.

Nana Wall Systems. Available in framing from extruded aluminum to wood to aluminum-clad wood, Nana Wall glass panels ride on hidden overhead tracks and stack on either track side. They come in several opening styles. (800) 873-5673.

Courtesy Americana Building Products

Americana Building Products. Scenic Vue screen enclosures with built-in aluminum railings and framing are available in custom-manufactured, preassembled kits. Included in each kit are pre-cut wall, floor, and ceiling channels; aluminum corners; preassembled sections; and an outswing door. Enclosures come in clay, dark green, white, ivory, brown, and bronze. (800) 851-0865.

Courtesy Tanglewood Conservatories

Tanglewood Conservatories. Made of mahogany, oak, maple, or other hardwoods, each conservatory is custom-designed with mortise-and-tenon construction. Glazing options include laminated and tinted varieties. (800) 229-2925.


PGT. Eze-Breeze Sliding Panels are designed and made individually to fit a client's project needs. The aluminum-framed, vinyl-glazed panels are lightweight and easy to operate. If the vinyl is dinged or bumped, it will return to its original shape in minutes, according to the maker. Side slider panels and vertical four-track panels are available. (877) 550-6006.

Artistic Enclosures

Artistic Enclosures. The Sunbreeze Cambridge Window Wall System is constructed of solid wood and features a no-maintenance exterior trim package and a solid-cedar interior trim package. Several glazing and grille options are available. The system comes in removable sliding or swing and sliding versions. (800) 944-8599.

Four Seasons Sunrooms

Four Seasons Sunrooms. The Easy Living Collection Sun and Shade Rooms come in straight and cathedral designs and are constructed with slim-profile aluminum frames, insulated glass, sliding windows with screens, and energy-efficient roofs. (800) 368-7732.