Simonton.  Reflections 5500 replacement patio doors and windows are put through rigorous testing more intense than a window or door is likely to experience in a home, the maker says. As such, the units meet a range of industry standards for structural integrity and thermal concerns, in addition to being eligible for tax credits. The 5500 series features Intercept spacers for low U-factors and advanced low-E glass available with the Simonton Solar System glass package. The Solar System package upgrade comes with krypton gas and a 1-inch space between the panes. Reflections 5500 units are available with brass hardware and woodgrain color options. 800.746.6686.

Editor’s note: For the rest of 2009, REMODELING will include a Stimulus products section focusing on tax credit–eligible materials. To be eligible for tax credits, windows and doors must have at least a 0.3 U-factor and 0.3 solar heat gain coefficient, and must be placed in service between Feb. 17, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010. For more information on provisions for windows and doors in the stimulus package, visit