Remodeler: Franz Brun
Company: Swiss Shade Security, Tucson, Ariz.
Product: Ryobi cordless 18-volt drill.

Swiss Shade Security, in Tucson, Ariz., specializes in security windows and doors custom made in Germany to client's exact specifications. The company does installation projects all over the world. Because of this, crews need to tools that are easy to transport and replaceable if left behind, but still powerful enough to use in heavy-duty security windows and doors. Franz Brun found everything the company need in Ryobi cordless drills. "Since your products are of a highly technical nature, we have to send and an installation supervisor to every location in order to assure a correct and lasting installation. This supervisor carries with him the basic tools, including one or more two Ryobi drill drivers. They're less expensive than the higher-end drills and work just as well." Brun says. "We're never limited by their output . [They have] great torque and long battery power."

Swiss Shade's installers need tools strong enough to put heavy bolts into windows and doors made from materials including UPVC, wood, aluminum, and aluminum-clad wood. Ryobi stands up to the challenge every time, Brun says. “They're powerful and well-built.”

“Best of all, we can leave them at the site as a present for the local workers. We do a lot of international installations, such as in Africa and South America, where such a drill makes for a great present without killing my bank account.”