Decorative windows and art glass are bringing a new sparkle to the window industry. Manufacturers are seeing growth in the category, particularly in the remodeling market. According to Cameron Snyder, brand public relations manager for Andersen Windows, a homeowner or a designer generally has one of two goals in mind when choosing a decorative window: decorative light or privacy.

Andersen Windows

The privacy issue is mainly a concern in bathroom applications. Homeowners have far more options than just a pane of obscure glass when putting a window in their shower or above the tub. Creating a “luxurious environment” in the bath is the most popular use for ODL's decorative windows, says Laura Garza, the company's decorative door-glass product manager. “When people are remodeling, they're upgrading that space,” making it a good time to suggest a decorative window as a lavish touch. Garza says that sales of ODL's largest decorative bath window have doubled during the past year, driven in part by the new PVC-clad maintenance frame the company added to the window's exterior.

The hot remodeling market is definitely contributing to the growing popularity of decorative glass, Andersen's home improvement marketing manager Lisa Bien-Sinz says. “If you look at trends in home improvement, they're moving toward the high end.” Andersen has 11 art glass styles and is one of the few manufacturers to have licensed Frank Lloyd Wright patterns. “The gulf between remodeling and design is narrowing,” Bien-Sinz says. The wide range of options means more inspired views.