Wasco. Now available to the residential market, the maker's Architectural Series Skywindows come in a variety of configurations and styles, including planar, extended pyramid, and square pyramid. Custom sizes and styles, and several glass options, are available. The skylights feature condensation gutters to drain water from the exterior and urethane thermal breaks to further minimize condensation. (800) 388-0293. www.skywindows.com.

Kalwall Corp. Using an inner insulating layer of Nanogel, a translucent aerogel material, Kalwall+Nanogel skylights provide a thermal protection of R-20 and reduce light transmission by up to 20%. The skylights are available in standard and custom sizes. (800) 258-9777. www.kalwall.com.

Unicel Architectural. Vision Control aluminum-framed skylight units feature operable aluminum louvers sealed between two panes of insulated glass. The seal reduces sound transmission. (800) 668-1580. www.visioncontrol.qc.ca.

courtesy Thermo-Vu Technologies

Thermo-Vu Technologies. Constructed of fully welded aluminum with an extruded PVC inner frame and an extruded aluminum curb and flashing, fixed or vented Sun-Room Series patio room skylights are designed to accommodate roof panels up to 6 inches thick. Glazing options include Heat Mirror glazing. Step flashing for traditional shingled roofs is also available. The powder-coated exterior comes in three finishes. (800) 883-5483. www.thermo-vu.com.

courtesy Creative Structures

Creative Structures. Custom skylights can be designed in a variety of styles and shapes. Several wood species are available and each skylight is manufactured with mortise and tenon construction and features a weeping system that channels condensation to the exterior. An assortment of glass options and exterior aluminum cladding colors or copper cladding are available. (800) 873-3966. www.creativeconservatories.com.

courtesy ODL

ODL. The Builder Series Tubular Skylight now features the Solar Lens dome to optimize light through the tube. The kit comes with two diffusers: one that maximizes light while reducing solar heat gain; and one that resembles a traditional light fixture. (866) 635-4968. www.odl.com.

Sun-Tek Manufacturing. Six curb-mounted or self-flashed Extreme Weather skylight units meet Metro-Dade building code requirements. Two impact-rated glass skylights, three impact-rated polycarbonate units, and one curb-mounted tubular skylight are available for 120 mph or greater wind zones. (800) 334-5854. www.sun-tek.com.

courtesy Solatube

Solatube. Low-voltage Solatube Daylight Dimmer allows the level of lighting through the tube skylight to be turned up or down. Its butterfly baffle design adjusts light levels between 2% and 100%. (800) 966-7652. www.solatube.com.

courtesy Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen Windows and Doors. Stormwatch protected skylights are designed to meet wind-borne debris, product performance, and energy requirements in several Gulf and Atlantic coast states. Features include High-Performance glass; Perma-Shield exterior claddings; corrosion-resistant hardware; and sash, lock, and hinge reinforcements. (800) 426-4261. www.andersenwindows.com.

courtesy Velux

Velux. Packaged as a complete kit, the Model TSR 010 sun tunnel is a 10-inch, rigid model featuring a low-profile dome that parallels a roof's slope for a minimal appearance. Ideal for north-facing applications, the kit includes an adjustable top elbow, a straight 24-inch rigid tunnel section, and an adjustable bottom elbow, allowing for easy alignment of tube sections. (800) 888-3589. www.veluxusa.com.

For more product information, visit ebuild.com, Hanley Wood's interactive product catalog.