By Katy Tomasulo. Building on the success of its FlexWrap window flashing, DuPont Tyvek Weatherization Systems has unveiled a companion product, StraightFlash.

Used together, the two products are designed to protect pesky window openings that can be subject to water penetration if improperly flashed. After housewrap installation, contractors adhere FlexWrap and StraightFlash around windows. As its name suggests, FlexWrap is elastic and moldable, and it is ideal for flashing vulnerable corners and round and custom-shaped openings. The non-bendable StraightFlash is used on the heads and jambs of rectangular windows after the windows are installed.

Made with Tyvek, a polyethylene or polyolefin film, and a premium butyl sealant, the products provide a barrier against water infiltration and will direct water to the building exterior instead of trapping it.

In addition to improved window performance, the two products are easier and faster to install than traditional methods. Both products are sold in rolls and have a quick-release backing. For more information, visit