AND10100 Q
Andersen Windows & Doors AND10100 Q

Andersen. Easily identify the maker’s tax credit-eligible products by looking for its new EcoExcel energy performance package. EcoExcel-branded windows and doors comprise a variety of styles and shapes (both standard and custom) from the 400 Series, 100 Series, and Architectural product lines, and do not require any upgrades to qualify for the tax credits. Customers will see the EcoExcel brand identification on qualifying products with SmartSun glass, available on most of the maker’s windows and doors. EcoExcel-branded products can provide homeowners with up to 70% higher energy efficiency in summer, and 46% higher efficiency in winter, the maker says.

Editor’s note: For the rest of 2009, Remodeling will include a Stimulus products section focusing on tax credit–eligible materials. To be eligible for tax credits, windows and doors must have at least a 0.3 U-factor and 0.3 solar heat gain coefficient, and must be placed in service between Feb. 17, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010. For more information on provisions for windows and doors in the stimulus package, visit