Hardwood floors are a popular selection for new and remodeled spaces. Weyerhaeuser now offers Hardwood Edge, an OSB floor panel specifically designed for use under hardwood floors. The maker says the panels offer enhanced dimensional stability and hold fasteners better than other subflooring.

Hardwood flooring can pose unique challenges for installers. Issues including swelling and shrinkage of natural wood, improper acclimatization of hardwood, and insufficient drying time for damp OSB can combine to cause loosened fasteners, which in turn lead to pops and squeaks in a finished floor. Hardwood flooring, “requires a stable, reliable subfloor that can withstand the high moisture conditions," says David Walters, tactical product manager for Weyerhaeuser OSB. As such, in addition to its fastener-holding capabilities, Hardwood Edge panels feature Down Pore drainage technology, wherein three specially shaped grooves at panel ends help eliminate standing water to reduce the potential for water absorption. That built-in drainage, along with the panels’ proprietary edge seal, help reduce edge swell and the need to sand.

Available in standard 4-by-8-foot panels and 23/32-inch thickness, Hardwood Edge panels are fully sanded and include a printed fastener template. The panels are designed to be installed consistent with the recommendations of the National Wood Flooring Association, including allowing for drying time, acclimatization, and determining that the difference in moisture content between OSB and flooring is within the range specified by the hardwood manufacturer.

Hardwood Edge flooring is backed by a 65-year limited product warranty and a 365-day limited no-sand guarantee. It is initially available in the Mid-Atlantic region only. Weyerhaeuser | 888.453.8358 | hardwoodedge.com