Every city in the world has the age old problem of people--and dogs--using the side of a building as a urinal.

Some cities in the Scandanavian countries and even in California have invested in public bathrooms to keep streets clean. Philadelphia's SEPTA system is trying out new urine-resistant paint, which will splash an offender's effluent back at themselves as it hits the surface.

SEPTA's maintenance crews are always looking for new ways to tackle cleanup issues aside from their regular cleaning routines, he said.

The coating has been used in public spaces in San Francisco and Hamburg, Germany.

"From what we've understood, it seems like there's been some success (with the coating) so we are certainly willing to give this a try," Busch said.

San Francisco's public works department used the clear, liquid repellent on some of its city walls to fight a chronic public urination problem.

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