To highlight the danger of tablesaw kickback, Tom Hintz of produced a video to show viewers what happens when you remove the riving knife and blade guard on your tablesaw or router table.

In the video, Hintz purposefully recreates a previous mishap by pushing a piece of wood into the blade using a push block. Although he does not normally use a push block on a table saw, he used one for the demonstration in order to pivot the wood into the blade.

After setting the blade just above the wood, he decides to take a light trim cut, but notes the width of cut does not determine whether you will have kick back or not. How you have the machine set up and how you work the wood will determine how dangerous the situation is.

Because the demonstration happens so quickly, Hintz slows the video down to show how close his hand comes to the blade and how fast the piece of wood travels into his tarp. To Hintz’s surprise, the push block even had damage, proving that his hand was a lot closer than he expected. He recommends to never try this at home and always use a tablesaw with its riving knife and blade guard.

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