Milwaukee announced a feature-packed cordless drywall gun and cutout tool at their media event last week. Both run on the M18 battery platform, and offer some best-in-class specs.

Tools of the Trade's Chris Ermides recently had a chance to test the Drywall Screw Gun and the Cutout tool from Milwaukee. Check out the video here.

The Drywall Screw Gun features a quiet and powerful motor that spins faster than many corded models at 4500 RPMs. Ermides also notes the tool's impressive auto-start mode:

"But the most distinguishing feature of the screw gun is its Auto-Start Mode. The Auto-Start feature isn’t new to cordless tools. But the way this one works is. In the video here you’ll see me demonstrate how the feature works, and how it saves on battery run-time."

The cutout tool is lightweight at 3 lbs. and "faster than any other corded cutout tool on the market," according to Milwaukee.

"With the 1.5 Ahr battery Milwaukee says you’ll be able to cut out 51 single gang boxes on one charge."

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