The Home Depot has introduced a new rental excavator to make life easier for remodelers who occasionally need an excavator for tight spaces. The new Micro Excavator has a 36-inch base that can be easily manipulated through garden gates, hedging, and driveways. It is roughly the size of a ride-on mower and does not damage lawns or landscaping, as is possible with full-sized excavators.

The machine is available for rent at select stores in the Northeast, Midwest, and Florida.

According to The Home Depot in Orlando, nine out of 10 renters have used excavators before, but the store provides an instructional video to anyone wary of hopping on. Some stores may have a wait of a day or two, so The Home Depot suggests planning ahead. On average, it should cost about $200 a day or $800 a week to rent the Micro Excavator.