Tools of the Trade former executive editor Michael Springer reviews the first table saw from Skilsaw’s contractor division. The impressive light-weight of the drive table saw allows for easy maneuvering and handling.

The unique thing about the Skilsaw is that it’s the first table saw powered by a worm drive motor--the same motor found on the circular saws the brand is famous for...The Skilsaw SPT70WT-22 offers powerful performance in a compact table saw. I wouldn’t say it’s just a framer’s saw, but rough carpentry is where its true strengths lie. You can rev it up and feed 4x4s through it all day without any problems as long it remains in good adjustment. A trim carpenter or woodworker might be put off by the play in the arbor, motor raising assembly, or rear trunnion connection—all of which could create more of an obstacle for setting up and achieving the finest work.
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