Carpenters with a knack for cabinetmaking and other custom wood projects will be interested in a few new products for woodworkers.

Festool has introduced the Domino joining system (left) designed to make creating solid joints easier and faster, the maker says. Built like a biscuit joiner, the Domino’s bit spins and oscillates simultaneously to cut a mortise in one go. Domino tenons, available in several sizes, have large gluing surfaces with small ridges for strength when glued. Other features of the system include an adjustable fence for mitered joints, integrated stop pins for accurate indexing, and integrated dust extraction for a cleaner workspace.

Rockler also has a range of new products available, including the Parallel Clamp Block, a clamping accessory that uses a unique slotted design to hold parallel clamps in alignment.

Used in groups of four, the lightweight plastic blocks facilitate positioning and even pressure for rectangular clamping applications. Wide slots allow the Parallel Clamp Blocks to accept almost every brand of parallel clamp. Additionally, store the clamp blocks, clamps, and other tools on Rockler’s mobile Pack Rack A-frame clamp rack.

With convenience and efficiency built into these products, woodworking just got easier.