Finding a cordless drill that delivers more power with more efficiency could simply mean looking for a couple of extra magnets. Currently making up about 50% of the pro market, according to estimates by Ridgid, tools with 4-pole motors are gaining attention over traditional 2-pole construction for their advanced technology.

“This is something the market will see more of in the next five to 10 years,” says Jason Swanson, VP of communications for Ridgid. “A 4-pole motor can be built smaller and more compact, which lends itself to compact tools that are gaining popularity. The more efficient you can make the motor, the more voltage you can pull out of the tool.”

By definition, 4-pole motors have two more magnets than 2-pole motors. Swanson says more magnets in a compact space allows for more efficient power in a smaller area.

Ridgid uses neodymium magnets — smaller but stronger, and 20% to 30% pricier. Swanson says that Ridgid fine-tunes other components to maximize tool-system efficiency and strives for at least a 10% increase in efficiency to make the investment worthwhile to users.

—Lauren Hunter, senior editor, REMODELING.