Zircon. CenterVision technology finds the stud in just one pass with the ProScanner OneStep. The floating scanner head features a bright backlit LCD display and locks into fully articulating arms that connect to the handle. The AutoCal feature calibrates automatically when the tool is placed on the wall and continually recalibrates while it's in use. Auto DeepScan switches automatically from a normal scan depth of ¾ inches to 1½ inches as the wall thickness changes. 800.245.9265. www.zircon.com.

Leica Geosystems.
The Rugby 200 has been enhanced with a 60% brighter beam. The construction laser now has a working range of up to 1,000 feet, plus a plumb beam for 90-degree layout work and a plumb-down feature for setup over a point. It also features adjustable head speeds, scan mode, H.I. elevation alert, and an optional full-function remote control. 800.367.9453. www.leica-geosystems.com.

Hilti. Promising to take measurements in less than half a second, the PD 30 Laser Range Meter measures distances from 2 inches up to 600 feet with unparalleled accuracy, the maker says. The meter measures in inches, eighths and sixteenths of an inch, feet, yards, meters, and millimeters. It also calculates in cubic yards for estimating concrete pours. The dust- and water-resistant housing has rubber caps at each end to help prevent damage. 800.879.6000. www.us.hilti.com.

Hitachi. The C12LC 12-inch compound miter saw features a digital LCD display to view miter and bevel readings, allowing the user to quickly and easily set angles. A backlight provides visibility when working in dimly lit areas. The saw has a 15-amp motor with 1,950 watts of max output power. Miter angles can be quickly adjusted using thumb actuated positive stops. 800.829.4752. www.hitachipowertools.com.

Ridge Tool. The Compact SeeSnake Plus video inspection system is now a part of the SeeSnake collection of products. The stainless steel camera, which has 400 lines of resolution for better viewing, pushes further into tighter spots to give the user better diagnostic capability. A high-resolution, 5-inch LCD monitor displays the cause of the problem. 800.769.7743. www.ridgid.com.