Take the guesswork out of finding studs in lath-and-plaster walls with the MetalliScanner m40. The tool identifies the pattern of nails that attach the wooden lath to the studs. Additionally, the metal detector is useful for locating plumbing, ductwork, rebar, and nails and screws in non-metallic surfaces including drywall, paneling, tile, stucco, plaster, and even concrete. Deconstruction or reclaimed-wood projects can also benefit from the MetalliScanner by finding embedded metal in old wood.
The XP5 Self-Leveling 5-Beam Laser is ideal for interior plumb, level, and square jobs. Five individual diodes project highly focused, bright horizontal and vertical laser points on the same plane, creating precise 90-degree angles. Accurate within 3/16 inch at 100 feet, the unit features one-button operation and a unique leveling system to quickly settle the beams.
Speed up tile layout with the DW060K floor-tile layout laser. Projecting perpendicular laser lines up to 100 feet long, the tool is accurate to +/- 1/8 inch per 25 feet. The cast aluminum base has reference marks for 22½ -, 45-, and 90-degree layouts. The maker says the layout laser will operate for up to 70 hours on two C batteries.
Transform your digital camera into a virtual measuring tape and take measurements for interior or exterior construction jobs, landscaping work, and more. Simply open the image in U PhotoMeasure and the software will allow you to measure anything in the picture, saving you time on individual hand measurements and increasing estimate accuracy. Save, print, share, or archive photos with measurements embedded.