Elan Home Systems. The VIA!dj Digital Music Server allows homeowners to view, control, and play CDs and mp3s from any VIA! Touch Panel or television in the home, allows CD tracks to be recorded at four different rates, and can store up to 28,000 hours of music. The on-board modem allows mp3s to be retrieved from the Internet. One of four audio outputs is digital to allow for home theater distribution. (859) 269-7760. www.elanhomesystems.com.

OnQ. The 2x10 KSU/PBX Telephone System uses standard telephones to provide up to 10 extensions per phone line and manages calls through an auto attendant. Each extension is given its own voice mail box. The system allows fax calls to share phone lines and also features call forwarding, remote electronic door latch control, alarm clock, and caller ID. The KSU/PBX Door Intercom is offered as an option. (800) 321-2343. www.onqtech.com.

Crestron. The Honeywell Enviracom T8635L microelectronic communicating programmable thermostat is now incorporated into Crestron's HOME automation system to provide status updates of room temperature per zone as well as outdoor temperature climate. (800) 273-7876. www.crestron.com.

CorAccess. The Mobile Companion wireless device allows homeowners to access and control home lighting, security, HVAC, and whole-house audio systems from any room in the house. The 2 1/2-pound, 8 1/2-inch-high device features an enclosed wireless 802.11b card, touch screen display with on-screen keyboard, stylus, and recharging cradle and also allows Internet browsing. (303) 477-7757. www.coraccess.com.

Courtesy HAI

HAI. An indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity sensor features internal circuitry coated to resist moisture and can be used to sense and control temperature and humidity in any room or outbuilding. The sensor reports high and low humidity conditions and can be set to trigger actions in response to these conditions, such as activating a dehumidifier, humidifier, or vent fan. (800) 229-7256. www.homeauto.com


Courtesy BRK Electronics

BRK Electronics. The HD6135FB AC/DC Heat Alarm provides an early fire-warning system for locations that are not suitable for standard smoke alarms. When heat levels reach 135 degrees or when the microprocessor senses a 15 degree-per-minute heat rise, the unit sounds an alarm. A remote control for testing and silencing the alarm is included. (800) 323-9005. www.brkelectronics.com.

DITEK Home Surge Protection. The Stormshield 2000 system is designed to stop power surges at or near the location where electricity, telephone, and cable or satellite services enter the home. This permanent whole-house surge protection system is UL certified and will protect utilities and interior outlets against power surges of all types, says the maker. (800) 753-2345. www.ditekcorp.com.

Courtesy Xantrex Technology

Xantrex Technology. The Hybrid Backup Power System (HBPS) combines a Xantrex sine wave inverter/charger, a Kohler DC generator, batteries, and the option to add renewable energy capabilities into an outdoor enclosure designed for plug-and-play installation. After depleting the battery bank during blackouts, the system automatically starts the DC generator until the batteries are recharged. (800) 670-0707. www.xantrex.com.

Courtesy Jackson Systems

Jackson Systems. The Automatic Zone Register (AZR) is designed to improve temperature control in a zone control system or by itself with a wall-mounted thermostat. The register senses the temperature where it is installed to help eliminate overheating or over-cooling problems, says the maker. It is available in tan and white and in 10-by-4-inch, 12-by-4-inch, and 12-by-6-inch sizes. (888) 652-9663. www.jacksonsystems.com.

Courtesy Belden

Belden. HomeChoice Banana Peel Composite Cables feature a patent-pending design that joins individual cables at a center spline, eliminating an outer jacket and allowing instant identification of individual data, coaxial, and fiber cable components. The cables are available in two configurations. (800) 235-3364. www.belden.com.