Zircon. The CF12 Circuit Finder is designed to allow one user to correctly identify which breaker controls which circuit. The tool features automatic calibration, plus lights and audio alerts that indicate the location of circuits. (800) 245-9265. www.zircon.com.

Klein Tools. The Journeyman Crimping/Cutting Tool, model #J1005, is designed for use on insulated and non-insulated 10 to 20 AWG solderless terminals and connectors. A tapered nose allows for working in tight spots, and the insulated and non-insulated crimping dies are easily distinguishable from each other, says the maker. The handle features a contoured thumb area and is made with a soft outer surface. (800) 553-4676. www.kleintools.com.

Leica Geosystems. The fifth-generation DISTO Classic5 handheld laser distance measuring tool features a built-in 2X telescopic viewer and a built-in leveling bubble for precise horizontal measurements, says the maker. The tool also includes an integrated calculator and indirect height and distance measurement functions. The tool will store the last 15 measured values plus 10 additional constants. (770) 447-6361. www.leica-geosystems.com.

Vaughan & Bushnell. Three models of the company's Mini-Bear Saws are designed for tree pruning, PVC cutting, and woodworking. The Pruning Saw is able to cut through 2-inch tree branches; the PVC Pipe Mini-Saw cuts through PVC as well as ABS piping and polystyrene sheets; and the Woodworking Mini-Saw can cut through hardwoods as well as plywood and particle board. (815) 648-2446. www.vaughanmfg.com.

Courtesy Marshalltown

Marshalltown. Providing five tools in one, two Paint Tools function as scrapers, spreaders, roller cleaners, putty removers, and crack openers. Both tools feature high-carbon steel blades. One features a DuraSoft handle for comfort; the other's handle is made of a solvent-resistant nylon. (800) 987-6935. www.marshalltown.com.