Spring is here, which means nicer weather, blooming flowers, and more outdoor projects. Now that work is warming up after the cold winter months and you’re spending more time on the jobsite, you have to make sure your tools are up to the task. Here, you’ll find six new tools that will help make your remodels run smoothly and efficiently.

Clipping Made Easy
Designed specifically for installing deck clips, the SuperDrive 75G5 fastening tool effectively automates clip installation along joists. Available in a kit that includes the SuperDrive 75G5, a Rocker 4000 rpm screw gun, and feed track, the tool helps drive screws at the ideal angle and depth every time, while offering a compact and lightweight design. Installers can opt for the SuperDrive extension piece to allow for use from a standing position, and also can configure the tool for top fastening Each collated strip holds 50 screws. grabberman.com


Shear Delight
Kett Tool’s KD-1495 Fiber-Cement Shear helps promote a cleaner, healthier working environment for contractors and installers compared with circular saws; according to the company, the tool’s shearing action leaves behind virtually no airborne dust. The KD-1495 handheld shear features steel blades that can cut fiber cement siding and backer board up to 5/8 inches thick and a 5-amp pistol grip, 2,500 RPM variable-speed electric motor that cuts at speeds up to 26 inches per minute. The tool weighs 4.5 pounds and offers a cutting radius of 10 inches for maximum maneuverability. kett-tool.com

Tool of All Trades
Fein’s new SuperCut Construction is the ultimate tool for remodelers, restorers, tile installers, and carpenters, according to the company. It has an oscillating angle of twice 2.1 degrees. In addition, the SuperCut has Fein’s anti-vibration system and the new line comes equipped with Starlock, a newly patented tool mount that lets users change tools in less than three seconds and snap accessories onto the power tool securely. Fein offers a variety of attachments to suit multiple construction needs. fein.com

A Unit for All Seasons
While it’s warming up in the South, temperatures might still be chilly for those up in the Northeast and Midwest. Knaack’s new heated storage unit, Thermosteel, assists in those colder climates. Knaack advises users to plug in the unit when jobsite temperatures reach 40 degrees or below in order to keep tools safe; Thermosteel can maintain interior temperatures of 70
degrees even when the outside temperature is down to zero. Other user-friendly features include a raised chest floor and optional casters. knaack.com

D-Handle Dreams
Milwaukee Tool has expanded its offerings with its new M18 Fuel 1-inch D-Handle rotary hammer. The D-Handle features an in-line design to make overhead and downward drilling easier and more comfortable. The D-Handle, like other Milwaukee Tool offerings, is cordless; according to the manufacturer, one charge can last an entire work day. The tool will also operate below zero degrees. milwaukeetool.com

Use the Force
Ridgid’s new Stealth Force Pulse Driver, with a hydraulics oil pulse mechanism, is up to twice as fast as its competition and emits only half the noise of other drivers, the company says. The driver is brushless, which gives the motor a longer life. The driver has three speed settings to help you adjust for any job and features LED lights at the front to make sure you can see what you’re doing (you can also turn on the light independently if needed). It also comes with a removable belt hook so you can always have this tool by your side. ridgid.com