Entirely redesigned, the 18-volt PCL180CDK-2 drill/driver features improved battery life, better ergonomics, and more power.

“A cordless drill is the product that will define if a customer is happy with your brand,” Porter-Cable group product manager Will Granger said in a recent product presentation. “Our new second-generation cordless drill/driver was built from the ground up by our team asking, ‘How can we make this better?’”

According to Granger, end users told the company that performance, speed, battery life, and size were among the most important considerations. To respond to those needs, the PCL180CDK-2 features:

  • 424 inch-pounds of torque, compared with 375 to 400 for most drill/drivers; a 30% increase over the previous model
  • 1,500 rpm to work faster; a 25% increase over the previous model
  • A low-impedence 1.3-amp hour lithium-ion battery
  • Compact 8.1-inch measurement front to back, thanks to a compressed gear system, with a weight of 3.8 pounds.

Other features include 22 clutch positions, easier battery changes, LED light, and on-board tip storage. A glass-filled nylon housing helps the tool withstand wear and tear. A hammerdrill is also available. Porter-Cable | 866.375.6287 | portercable.com