Neal Fiske, owner of TriplePoint Design Build, in Florida, on how Co-Construct makes him more efficient.

Product:Co-Construct software for scheduling, selections, and client communication

Challenge: We were doing things internally to clearly communicate pre-construction details: selections, meeting with vendors and trade partners, and communicating back and forth, but we found challenges with keeping track of updates — it might be a two-month process.

When clients made a decision in the early part of the process and then refreshed that selection, I’d have to dig through emails ... and have to figure out which was the final selection.

Or if I had a construction schedule in MS Project, it was only as good as the [computer] station it was on. If I wanted to update trade partners, I’d have to print out, scan, and email to them ... . I couldn’t communicate in real time with the guys in the field. We managed to stay on top of these things using multiple software packages.

Solution: With Co-Construct, everything is in the cloud, and we can access it with any wireless device.

We use it for to-do sheets, financial updates and change orders, selection components, and project files.

We can upload a quote for a client who can then review and approve. We can upload photos, set up a construction schedule, update job notes, and keep everyone posted on what’s going on. I can give each person whatever access level I want to.

Being organized is being able to put your hands on something when you need it. Co-Construct does that.

Cost: The pricing structure is flexible with a $49 monthly subscription and an additional per-project fee. Projects can be purchased in different ways including short term, long term, or in multiple packs. —Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.