I’m going to share an idea with you now that can, if properly executed, make your year. That’s right, that’s how important this one website tip can be to your topline revenue. If you just follow this strategy to the letter, you will get new business from your website. The tip: Answer your reader’s most burning questions!

Simply put, this idea is an extension of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your site. If you don’t currently have a FAQ page or don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s some background.

When our company designs sites for clients, we ask them to sit down and write out the five or 10 most common questions they are asked during the sales call process. We then take these questions and answers and create a FAQ page.

Essentially, what the FAQ page does is pre-sell the reader by answering the questions that he or she would typically ask you during a sales call. Since most of your customers have the same questions, doing this bit of legwork on your website will handle 90% of all the questions you would face in the field.

Now that you have put Mrs. Jones’ mind at ease by giving her the answers she wants, when she contacts you you will be able to focus on her project, not your business.

Build It Out

Let’s really get crazy here and take those same five or 10 questions and create specific pages on your website using the questions as the page headings. Here’s my logic: If homeowners are asking you those questions, then they are searching using those same questions on Google and other search engines.

If you have a specific page on your site that answers that question, who do you think Mrs. Jones is going to call when she sees that your website has what she needs?

This is a great opportunity to get in front of someone who is seriously considering buying what you offer and answering prospects’ most burning questions.

Powerful One-Two Punch

This approach to selling is based on the fact that consumers want to buy from people they consider to be experts, and that, above all, they hate being sold, which is exactly why your informative website meets their needs better than a slew of your competitors’ price-focused ads.

Come across as the expert answering prospects’ most important questions and I promise you your phone will ring.

But I Can’t Write — That’s Why I Swing a Hammer!

You can always get a consultant to help you with the writing part. But I know you can sit down and write out the five questions you always get asked and come up with answers that make for great content right now.

Get these pages done, get them up on your site, and you will see an additional $10,000 to $25,000 added to your top line revenue this year. This is a no-fail strategy to create a destination on the Web for homeowners who are ready to buy home improvement products and services (why else would they be asking these questions?) instead of counting on outposts to drive business to your online showroom. Now get to work, and let me know how it works for you. —Darren Slaughter runs a boutique website design and marketing shop that serves only contractors in the home improvement space. darrenslaughter.com