Mary Endres

A ccording to Kimberley Sweet, editor-in-chief of, the Internet is a key part of a kitchen and bath company’s marketing efforts. “A Web site is probably even more important [than other marketing] because it can answer questions at 3 a.m.,” she says. Sweet offers these tips on what every Web site should have:

  • An attractive, well-branded home page. Your site reflects the quality of your company’s work. If the site looks cheap or thrown together, prospects will assume that you take the same approach on the jobsite. The home page should make consumers remember the company and associate it with good things. It should prominently feature the logo, company colors, and slogan, and some beautiful project photos.

  • Information about the company, its services, and its people. Working inside your clients’ homes is personal, so you want the site to have a personal touch. Mention the names and some details about the people who a client will meet. This contributes to feelings of trust and makes prospects more likely to call or visit your office. Show how you differ from the competition by providing specific details such as years of experience, awards, and certifications.

  • An easy and obvious way to reach you. Put the company address, phone number, and a generic e-mail address such as at the bottom of every page. Having a “Contact Us” form can provide you with contact data and allow you to qualify leads, but be aware that most consumers don’t like to provide personal information or answer a lot of questions for a company they don’t know.

  • Great project photos. Pick your best projects and have them professionally photographed. Consumers look at photos first, especially online where type is small and the screen has glare, so image quality is important.

  • Search engine optimization. Optimize the site so it shows up near the top of search engine results. Use keywords and phrases on each page that consumers are likely to use in a search. Include the Web site address on your business cards and in brochures and ads. Get listed in online directories through associations, the Better Business Bureau, and the Yellow Pages.