Apple moved into the connected home market along with Nest and Amazon when it released it's HomeKit software, which runs with Apple's iOS devices. The original system was slightly disjointed, running on individual chips in different devices. But earlier this month Apple launched their newest iOS10 software, which comes with the new Apple Home control app that seeks to give users a more cohesive experience.

CNET editor David Priest presents the ways the Apple Home app works, and the areas where it still needs improvement:

The Good:
1. Home successfully unifies the fractured HomeKit platform.
2. Home makes Siri a compelling smart home tool for the first time.
3. Home's user interface is informative and much more accessible to the layperson.
4. User sharing is no longer hell on an iPhone.
5. Home lets you control your house from your (Apple) TV.
6. Home adds new automation possibilities to otherwise standard products.

To read the issues with Apple's iOS 10 app, click below.

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