Construction pros have been using customized software for years to help their businesses run more efficiency. Now, developers are not only highlighting the effectiveness of their tools and services, but their eco-friendliness as well. Two products debuting at Greenbuild this month lean on their abilities to save a few trees.

Portable Plans You Can Interact With

Leave your blueprints on the drafting table. PrintLess Plans offers electronic format plans with its Zephyr e-paper tablet made especially for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Featuring a sharp, daylight-visible, and flexible 12-by-17-inch display, the results are just as good as laser-printed plans, but resist glare and water. Zephyr is also wi-fi enabled, and features a pressure-sensitive touchscreen capabilities that can be used with gloves or a stylus.

Not to mention it has a week-long battery life.

PrintLess Plans runs on the Zen operating system, built specifically for the tool's large-format paper displays. Users can access a full archive of plans, and the system can keep open up to eight windows, which can interact with each other. For instance, view an 11-by-17 drawing and making calculations in the estimating tool, while looking up the latest material prices in a browser window and comparing estimated shipping dates with crews' schedules in the calendar. Other features include note-taking directly on plans, and the ability to turn plans into print documents. Zephyr can also withstand a 10-foot drop, making it durable enough to withstand the stress of a jobsite. PrintLess Plans |

Digital Documentation for Project Management

Small to mid-sized general contractors can improve their invoicing and payment efficiency with CPM-Business, a new software that automates billing, lien waiver collection, compliance management, and payment processes. Not only does the software help streamline the system, it helps create more eco-friendly businesses.

“From our years of experience in the industry, we have learned that no matter the size of the contractor or owner, all companies struggle with the construction payment process,” says Patrick Allin, Textura chairman and CEO. “The traditional method is too paper-laden and inefficient. Our CPM—Enterprise solution has helped some of the largest general contractors and owners across the world improve efficiency and increase productivity, and we’re excited that with CPM—Business we are now able to offer the same advantages to mid-market organizations.”

The maker highlights three green features in particular:

  • Reduction of paperwork so paper consumption for printing and mailings goes down
  • Time savings and increased productivity that allows users to make the most of their time and even take on more projects
  • Decreased carbon emissions by reducing or eliminating fuel required to mail invoices, or travel to and from vendors or banks to deliver, pick up, or deposit checks.

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