By Jim Cory. Gary Crowley, owner of Crowley Construction, recently came back from a 12-day vacation and nobody even knew he was gone. That's because someone else was answering the phone.

A year and a half ago, fed up with solicitations he received at the office and not particularly happy with the "repetitious and impersonal" nature of answering machines, Crowley got in touch with Contact Communications. Now calls to Crowley Construction are routed to an operator at the answering service who brings up a screen with pertinent information, takes a message, and relays the call, via Alpha pager, to one of two people at Crowley Construction. Calls regarding production, such as sub scheduling, go to the production manager. "Sales and estimating go to me," Crowley says. Twice a day Contact Communications faxes Crowley a list of his calls. The service operates seven days a week, 24-hours a day, and costs $75 a month.