By Joe Stoddard. Miscommunication is a prime reason remodelers get into trouble. For about $6 per month per user, provides an easy way to put everyone on the same page.

An site lets you make job photos, change orders, schedules, tasks, contacts, and more available on a secure Web site, using your Web browser.

Have a problem with that custom whirlpool tub? Upload a digital photo. Your supplier and subcontractor can both log on and see the damaged hardware while you're all on the phone together.

Need a selection from your customer? Set up a task for them and the system will notify them by e-mail. They can respond on a private discussion forum, which creates a written decision record.

Want your electrician a week from tomorrow? The system will remind him automatically in advance of the start date, based on your preferences. Task lists and contacts can be accessed, as well, from many Web-ready mobile phones.

By allowing guest access to certain sections of your site, it can double as a marketing tool. For instance, you can set up an online photo gallery or a list of customer testimonials.

You can try free for 30 days by going to the site.