Looking for a mobile phone ring tone that reflects your remodeling business? How about the comforting sounds of a hand saw, cordless drill, or finish nailer? Rex Snyder, owner, Carpentry Plus, Whiteland, Ind., was inspired by the cacophony of the jobsite when he created these fun custom ring tones, available on iTunes for $1.29 each. He recorded the nine tones with his own tools and uses different ones for calls, text messages, and e-mail alerts. He says the tones are a “conversation-starter” when he’s out in public, and gives him an opportunity to explain to those that inquire about the ring that he owns a carpentry business. There is one drawback to the tones—when the phone rings on the jobsite, for a quick second Snyder thinks someone is “messing with his tools.” —Nina Patel is a senior editor at   REMODELING. Find her on Twitter at   @SilverNina   or@RemodelingMag.

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