Porch.com, one of the big online services covered in our "Repair Wars" feature last November, has dropped two of its major features, embraced another, and instituted a big change in one of its other key programs.

“Building a company is hard. It's all about focus. And we got a little bit distracted," Porch CEO Matt Ehrlichman said in an interview. He said he even considered selling the company. The USA Today article adds:

Porch was pushing a number of initiatives that were not gaining traction. Its Home and Neighborhood Report, a teaming with Realtor.com, was meant as a platform for homeowners to tell their renovation stories. But it didn't take off due in part to the fact that renovation data was sourced from permit requests even though many home projects happen without permits. Meanwhile, Porch's Home Assistant service, which provided experts to serve as links between customers and contractors, ultimately failed to generate anticipated business opportunities. And there were questions about the Lowe's in-store partnership; sales opportunities were lost due to a reliance on Lowe’s staffers who weren’t always well versed in Porch’s mission.

Now Porch has dropped both the Home and Neighborhood Report and the Home Assistant Service. Instead, "it is pursuing a video-chat based approach to home repair anchored to Porch’s fall acquisition of online help site Fountain," the newspaper says. And it has placed Porch employees in several dozen Lowe's stores.

Check out USA Today's interview and video for more insights.

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