Millette runs conduit from the inverter to the transformer.
Tim Healey/JLC Millette runs conduit from the inverter to the transformer.

A year after it was first introduced, Tesla Motors’ Powerwall backup battery power source is now being adopted by Vermont’s public utility for a pilot program. Vermont’s public utility, Green Mount Power (GMP), will begin to install 500 Powerwall units for customers. Our sister site the Journal of Light Construction tagged along with local electricians who are installing the Powerwalls inside customer’s homes.

JLC senior editor Ted Cushman writes that Tesla Motors’ Powerwall has more substance than just being used as a new accessory,

And as JLC learned from GMP executive Josh Castonguay, the Powerwall isn’t just a cool accessory for homeowners with solar panels on their roofs. Whether it’s paired with a solar array or not, GMP sees the Powerwall as a practical way to protect rural homeowners against local power outages, and also as a way for the utility to match the variable loads in its service area to the variable solar and wind sources that now make up more than 15% of GMP’s generating capacity.

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