A Houzz survey on decorating trends released today reveals user design preferences and finds they feel they're 54% on the way to achieving their dream homes. On a scale of 1-10, the 1,715 homeowners in the U.S. and Canada who responded to the survey rated their progress toward their ideal home at a 5.4, or 54%. For context, just 2% of those surveyed said they already achieved their ideal home.

To achieve their vision of the ideal home, 44% of users said they seek a complete home overhaul, 36% want to refresh their existing decor, and 20% of Houzz users want to start from scratch with a new home. The study also revealed that users preferred hardwood over any other type of flooring, electing to use it 34% of the time versus tile (23%), carpet (18%), and engineered wood (13%).

Other findings include evidence that male users are "trendier" than women, at least when decorating their homes. 25% of male respondents said "trendiness" was the driving factor in decorating decisions, while only 14% of female respondents said the same. But the data also shows that males often leave decorating decisions to their significant others 43% of the time, while female users do the same 29% of the time.