A new app, developed by Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, hopes to help designers and caregivers create home environments that will help those with dementia. Builder Magazine’s Kayla Devon writes on this new app:

The Dementia-Friendly Home uses a 3D model home in which users can navigate through a floorplan. As users move through the rooms, little question marks pop up demonstrating one of ten principles of a dementia-friendly environment developed by researchers at Australia's University of Wollongong....When users enter the kitchen in the app, a question mark pops up on the stove where a tea kettle is boiling water. The first principle is to 'unobtrusively reduce risks.' The knobs to control the stove are on a back panel, near the wall, which is a hazard. Obvious safety hazards lead to frustration and agitation, write professors Richard Fleming and Kirsty Bennett. The app offers the solution to use a stove with the knobs placed at the front, where residents don't have to reach over boiling water to turn it off. It also recommends an induction cooktop, compared to a conventional gas stove with open flames, as a safer option for someone living with dementia.

The app is available for tablets in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for $2.99.

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