A sample “unstuck” postcard that helps to move hesitant prospects to a yes ó or no.
A sample “unstuck” postcard that helps to move hesitant prospects to a yes ó or no.

Even the least systematized business owner has some protocol for when a prospect calls. But error is inevitable and sometimes someone forgets a step. The computer doesn’t.

A little more than a year ago, Bret Oleksyn, owner of Odd Fellows Contracting, in Williamston, Mich., began using Remodelers AutoPilot, a customized version of Web-based OfficeAutoPilot. According to Oleksyn’s business consultant Kyle Hunt, owner of Remodel­YourMarketing.com and developer of the system, it “organizes the prospect’s info into something easy to look at, review, and manage.”

Once Oleksyn’s staff inputs the prospect’s information and sets up the criteria, the system e-mails a “What to expect at the first meeting” letter to that person. After the meeting, prospects receive a thank-you note.

Although Oleksyn uses the customized program in conjunction with Hunt, anyone can use OfficeAutoPilot or its sister system, SendPepper.com, on their own.

Other features that Hunt developed specifically for Remodelers AutoPilot:

  • “Welcome to our family of clients” postcards
  • Job’s-end postcards, including cards for a post-job survey, a request for an audio testimonial, and one that offers details about a referral program
  • Radius campaign postcards to send to project neighbors
  • “Unstuck” postcards to gently nudge hesitant prospects toward making a decision

“[The program has] really helped us to look like a very professionally run, well-organized remodeling company and to differentiate us from the competition,” Oleksyn says.
—Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING.