For the past few years, Nest customers have been putting their Nest Cams outdoors, even though they're not waterproof and cannot sustain certain temperatures. Naturally, the company finally made an outdoor camera to satisfy customers' needs.

While Nest easily secured the camera from the elements, it was another feat to secure it from burglars. The Nest Outdoor Cam is just like the Nest Cam (which will be renamed the Indoor Cam), except its exterior is much bulkier and industrial. The camera can be wired into the wall, but to let customers avoid drilling holes, the camera can be secured with a strong magnetic base.

The Outdoor Cam is also equipped with added security measures, like a USB connecting mechanism, wire clips to make cutting the power cord harder, and screenshots and alerts when the camera is turned off. Intruders still have some options, like masks or unplugging the camera. This may at least put them off though.

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