Los Angeles startup Sunflare is creating solar panels that are smaller and lighter than your average rooftop solar, meaning you can put them almost anywhere.

The panels are light enough that the company claims a user needs 'little more than a 3M tab on the side of a building.' They're also flexible, which has been known to make the costs increase dramatically, but Sunflare says it's solved the manufacturing cost. The company claims the panels are 65% lighter and able to produce 10% more energy throughout the day, thanks to its ability to produce less glare and absorb more light.

As Fast Company writes:

The most practical difference, though, is also the most mundane aspect. The Sunflare panels can be deployed on roofs without having to reinforce them—you just stick them up there and wire them into your system. You don't need to reinforce the roof, or build out frames on which to mount them. That could make for big savings, opening up the possibility of solar to many people who wouldn't normally consider it.

These are all big predictions for a small company. Whether Sunflare delivers on its promises remains to be seen.

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