Using Joist, a free app that allows small contracting companies to estimate, invoice, and manage payments on the go, you can eliminate paper, manage the money you have collected, and determine what money is outstanding, says Joist co-founder Brendon Sedo. The company’s goal: to provide a user-friendly app that only takes a few minutes to set up.

Currently available for iPhone, iPad, and online, Android and tablet versions of Joist will be released in a few months. Since its launch in January, 1,800 contractors have downloaded the app.

Information entered into Joist is stored on servers and synced between devices in real-time. Though it doesn’t currently have a direct connection to accounting software such as QuickBooks, users can easily export data from the app to such programs, and the company intends to add this accounting software connection in the future. Also, there are plans to add a feature that will allow users to use the app to order supplies. joistapp.comNina Patel is a senior editor at REMODELING. Find her on Twitter at @SilverNina or @RemodelingMag.