As Remodeling has previously reported, virtual reality technology is about to make a huge splash in the remodeling and building industry. Lowe’s has already been experimenting with virtual technology. Now Ikea, the Swedish affordable furniture company, is tinkering with using virtual reality technology in a pilot app that will allow users to visualize a kitchen remodel.

The app allows users to explore three different kitchen layouts, change cabinetry coloring with just a click, and allows a user to change their view by either “shrinking” or “stretching” their virtual self (helpful for homeowners with children so that they can identify safety hazards).

If you have a HTC Vive virtual reality headset, you can go ahead and download the Ikea app and play around with it for free. Ikea is looking for feedback from users up until their pilot season ends in August and then will work on releasing a full app thereafter.

What do you see are the benefits of using virtual technology for our industry?

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