HomeAdvisor has launched its Instant Booking service on Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa is a voice-controlled device that allows users to ask her to complete simple tasks such as telling them the weather forecast or playing their favorite playlist. With the new Instant Booking service, Alexa users will now be able to book home repair jobs just by saying, “Alexa, find me a plumber,” according to Greg Avery of the Denver Business Journal.

HomeAdvisor had to make Instant Booking more “interactive and conversational” to be sure the app meshed with Alexa’s current voice-controlled setup. Amazon hopes that its Alexa-enabled devices will influence the smart home movement and HomeAdvisor is ready to help take on the task.

“Smart-home platforms are the next big growth accelerators for local home services, and no other player in our category has the scale or technology to unlock the power of the connected home for homeowners,” said Chris Terrill, CEO of Lakewood-based HomeAdvisor.

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