This week Comcast unveiled xCam, a wifi-enabled camera with video recording and a 109-degree field. The camera is Comcast's newest entry into the smart home ecosystem.

The company introduced the Xfinity Home system in 2010 with security alarms, but now the system includes the camera, sensors, and integrates with other smart products like locks and thermostats. The entire Xfinity Home system can also be controlled with voice commands through the new X1 TV platform.

From the Seattle Times:

The cable company sees an advantage to letting existing internet customers with connected devices get monitoring services from the same provider. Comcast will store data and give customers use of its monitoring app, which brings all the systems together, for a base price of $39.95 a month, after a $99 installation fee. Other features can be added, such as 24/7 video recording, for about $10 a month.

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