No, a better mouse. An optical mouse replaces the ball and rollers of a conventional mouse with a camera chip. As the camera passes over any flat surface, it takes tiny photographs at the rate of 1,500 frames per second. The chip compares the images to see where it's been, then translates the information into cursor movements on your computer screen. Plus, this nifty fingertip technology can be cordless (the receiver connects to a USB or a PS/2 interface) and works up to 6 feet away. These mice use optical positioning sensors developed by Logitech and Agilent Technologies. More than 4 million optical mice have been sold since 1999, according to NPD Intelect Market Tracking of Reston, Va. Sales in the first eight months of 2001 surpassed 2.2 million units, up from 736,000 over the same period the previous year. The cordless MouseMan Optical, $69.95, and the corded MouseMan Traveler, $49.95, are available at