BQE Software introduces a new tracking, billing, and project management software that supports both Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Business Accounting platforms. BillQuick 2005 includes payroll integration, timesheet conversion, and document management. It is designed for professionals who bill in a variety of ways — fixed fee, time and expense, hourly billing, and contractual billing. Managers can use the software to track time and expenses and produce reports for project and office profitability. The software also includes an add-on component to link remote employees and consultants via the Web, e-mail, PDAs, and mobile phones.

“Remodeling contractors are often faced with changes requested by the client that result in change orders,” says Shafat Qazi, CEO of BQE Software. “Keeping track of all the change orders and then incorporating them with the original bid items is a pain point that BillQuick easily solves. It allows you to track time and expense on your original bid items, but it also tracks your change orders and then cleverly combines it all into a single invoice.” The program runs on Windows 98, Millennium, NT, 2000, and XP. For more information, visit, or call 888.245.5669.