1. Mention To bring a tweet to someone’s attention, use @(username) within the body of the tweet. These tweets will show up in the Home Feed of anyone that follows you.

2. Hashtag Place a # symbol before any word or phrase to create a searchable keyword. Hashtags can use only alphanumeric characters and no spaces. They're great for tracking events or topics you cite frequently. Hashtags are best used as a word in the body of a tweet or placed at the end.

3. Links Short URL services such as those built in to Twitter will reduce a link of any length to about 20 characters. Links are usually placed at the end of a tweet after a headline or comment by the user.

4. Reply Hitting the “Reply” button will put the original Twitterer’s @(username) at the beginning of the tweet. When you reply, your response is public, however unlike a mention, it will only show up in the Home Feed of the user you reply to and any of your mutual friends.

5. Retweet Share someone’s tweet by retweeting it. Use the “Retweet” button, or add RT @(username) to send the message to your followers. You can also use MT or "modified tweet" when you have to shorten or rephrase someone's tweet but still give attribution.

—Lauren Hunter is the senior products editor at REMODELING. Find her on Twitter at @LaurenHunter_HW or @RemodelingMag.