Over the last seven years, Americans on average have spent $12.5 billion in repairing and replacing their smartphones. Damaged phones and handsets on a construction site pose a common problem in demanding work environments says phone manufacturer Bullitt Group. So what is the remodeler, contractor, or builder to do?

Builder senior editor Jennifer Goodman focuses on new phone equipment by Caterpillar that could help alleviate some of the common damages to smartphones that happen on jobsites.

The Cat S50c smartphone, connected exclusively on the Verizon network, was rigorously tested for challenging environments. The rugged phone was designed for professionals braving the elements in rugged or tough all-weather jobs such as rescue services, construction, ski patrol, and boating. It provides protection against drops, water, dust, extreme temperatures, humidity, thermal shocks, vibration and salt mist, says the company.

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