The next big technology smart home innovators need to conquer is a remote to control all the different gear. Several companies have taken different approaches, like using voice commands or installing an iPad in the home. Knocki wants to control the smart home with secret knocks.

Knocki is a AAA-powered Wi-Fi puck that turns any surface into a remote. Fasten it to a table, a wall, or a door, and two knocks can dim the lights or turn on the tv and three knocks locks the door. CEO Jake Boshernitzan sees the device as convenient and purposeful for kids, the elderly and the visually and physically impaired.

The AAA-powered hockey puck comes with adhesive strips and a bracket, so you have your choice of sticking or screwing it onto surfaces. It connects to your Wi-Fi network, so you don’t have to pair individual devices or be within a certain range to use it. Boshernitzan says the Knocki app for iOS and Android is still in development—it’s a crucial piece of the puzzle that lets you assign taps and knocks to device controls—and that Knocki will support both simple patterns (three knocks) or more-complex patterns (two taps, a pause, then three taps).

Once it’s set up, you can control directly supported appliances such as Nest devices, Lifx and Philips Hue lightbulbs, smart locks from August and Kevo, and WeMo wares with programmable series of knocks and taps. Knocki also supports a larger universe of interoperability via IFTTT recipes, and you can group several controls together under a single knock or tap pattern.

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